Substitutes for obsolete laser measurement products

This product is no longer available.
In this table you will find the product that is the closest match to the product
you were looking for (with links to detailed specifications).
Please note: the products are sorted by name.

Discontinued P/N Description Current P/N Description
7Z02146 (1Z02146) 10A-V2-SH, RoHS 7Z02638 12A-SH-V1, RoHS
7Z02354 (1Z02354) 30(150)A-HE-DIF-SH, RoHS 7Z02729 30(150)A-HE-DIF-SH-17, RoHS
7Z02380 (1Z02380) 30(150)A-HE-SH, RoHS 7Z02722 30(150)A-HE-SH-17, RoHS
7Z02385 (1Z02385) 30(150)A-HE-106 7Z02722 30(150)A-HE-SH-17, RoHS
7Z02382 (1Z02382) 30(150)A-HE1, RoHS 7Z02722 30(150)A-HE-SH-17, RoHS
1Z02387 30(150)A-HE1-755 7Z02722 30(150)A-HE-SH-17, RoHS
7Z02721S 30(150)A-LP1-18 7Z02786 30(150)A-LP2-18
7Z02657S (1Z02657S) 30(150)A-LP1-SH-V1, RoHS 7Z02786 30(150)A-LP2-18
7Z02608 (1Z02608) 30(150)A-SH-V1, RoHS 7Z02699 30(150)A-BB-SH-18, RoHS
7Z02625 (1Z02625) 30(150)A-SV-SH, RoHS 7Z02724 30(150)A-SV-SH-17, RoHS
7Z02003 (1Z02003) 30A-N-SH, RoHS 7Z02695 30A-N-SH-18, RoHS
7Z02616 (1Z02616) 30A-P-DIF-SH-V1, RoHS 7Z02738 50A-PF-DIF-18, RoHS
7Z02913 (1Z02913) 30A-P-RP-V1, RoHS 7Z02940 PE50BF-DIF-C, RoHS
7Z02613 (1Z02613) 30A-P-SH-V1, RoHS 7Z02693 30A-P-SH-17, RoHS
7Z02604 (1Z02604) 30A-SH-V1, RoHS 7Z02692 30A-BB-SH-18, RoHS
7Z02723 50A-BF-DIF-18, RoHS 7Z02738 50A-PF-DIF-18, RoHS
77023 (17023) 150C-SH, RoHS 7N77023 (1N17023) 150C-SH, RoHS
7Z02683 1000W-LP-SH-V1, RoHS 7Z02774 1000W-LP2-34
7Z02668 1000W-LP-V2, RoHS 7Z02774 1000W-LP2-34
7Z02758S 1000W-LP1-34, RoHS 7Z02774 1000W-LP2-34
7Z02634 (1Z02634) 1000W-SH-V1, RoHS 7Z02750 1000W-BB-34-V3, RoHS
7Z02664 1000W-V2, RoHS 7Z02750 1000W-BB-34-V3, RoHS
7Z02119 (1Z02119) 5000W, RoHS 7Z02754 5000W-BB-50-V1, RoHS
7Z02255 (1Z02255) 5000W-LP, RoHS 7Z02773 5000W-LP2-50
7Z02755 5000W-LP-50-V1, RoHS 7Z02773 5000W-LP2-50
7Z02760S 5000W-LP1-50, RoHS 7Z02773 5000W-LP2-50
7Z02645 (1Z02645) 10K-W-V1, RoHS 7Z07102 10K-W-BB-45-V4
7Z02756 10K-W-BB-45-V3 7Z07102 10K-W-BB-45-V4
7Z02746 30K-W-V1-74, RoHS 7Z02757 30K-W-BB-74-V2, RoHS
1Z02690 100K-W-V1 7Z02691 120K-W
1Z01400 AN/2 Meter Assy 7Z01580
StarBright Meter Assy., ROHS
NOVA II Meter Assy., RoHS
7E14005 BATTERY NI-MH 2.4V 2.2AH NOVA ASSY ROHS 7E14005A Nova Battery Kit, RoHS
7E14007 BATTERY NI-MH 3.6V 2.4AH 3XAA ASSY ROHS 7E14007A Vega/NovaII/Quasar Battery Kit, RoHS
7Z02422A (1Z02422A) BC20-3WL 7Z02481 BC20-V1
7Z17202 BD10K-W 7Z17205 BD10K-W-V1
1Z02560 BEAMSTAR-FX-66-NT SP90199 BGS-USB-SP620
7Z08296 EA-1 7Z01240 EA-1
7Z02677 F100A-HE-V1, RoHS 7Z02744 F100A-PF-DIF-33, RoHS
7Z02510 (1Z02510) F100A-IS-SH, RoHS 7Z02658 L50(300)A, RoHS
7Z02741 F100A-PF-DIF-18, RoHS 7Z02744 F100A-PF-DIF-33, RoHS
7Z02679 F100A-IS-V1, RoHS 7Z02658 L50(300)A, RoHS
7Z02647S (1Z02647S) F150A-LP1-V1, RoHS 7Z02777 FL250A-LP2-35
7Z02656 (1Z02656) F150A-SH-V1, RoHS 7Z02727 F150A-BB-SH-26, RoHS
7Z02682 F150A-SH-V2, RoHS 7Z02727 F150A-BB-SH-26, RoHS
7Z02732 FL250A-EX-50, RoHS 7Z02795 L40(200)A-EX-50
7Z02391 (1Z02391) FL250A-EX-SH, RoHS 7Z02795 L40(200)A-EX-50
7Z02674 FL250A-EX-SH-V1, RoHS 7Z02795 L40(200)A-EX-50
7Z02733 FL250A-LP1-DIF-33 7Z02787 FL250A-LP2-DIF-33
7Z02666 FL250A-LP1-DIF-SH, RoHS 7Z02787 FL250A-LP2-DIF-33
7Z02675 FL250A-LP1-DIF-SH-V1, RoHS 7Z02787 FL250A-LP2-DIF-33
7Z02653S (1Z02653S) FL250A-LP1-SH-V1, RoHS 7Z02777 FL250A-LP2-35
7Z02676S FL250A-LP1-SH-V2, RoHS 7Z02777 FL250A-LP2-35
7Z02731S FL250A-LP1-35, RoHS 7Z02777 FL250A-LP2-35
7Z02921 FL250A-RP-V1, RoHS 7Z02950 FPE80BF-DIF-C, RoHS
7Z02605 (1Z02605) FL250A-SH-V1, RoHS 7Z02728 FL250A-BB-SH-35, RoHS
7Z02671 FL250A-SH-V2, RoHS 7Z02728 FL250A-BB-SH-35, RoHS
7Z02635 (1Z02635) FL300A-LP-SH, RoHS 7Z02778 FL400A-LP2-50
7Z02673 FL300A-LP-SH-V1, RoHS 7Z02778 FL400A-LP2-50
7Z02627 (1Z02627) FL300A-SH, RoHS 7Z02734 FL400A-BB-SH-50, RoHS
7Z02669 FL300A-V1, RoHS 7Z02734 FL400A-BB-SH-50, RoHS
7Z02735 FL400A-LP-50, RoHS 7Z02778 FL400A-LP2-50
7Z02749S FL400A-LP1-50, RoHS 7Z02778 FL400A-LP2-50
7Z02648 (1Z02648) FL500A 7Z02762 FL600A-BB-65
7Z02667S FL500A-LP1 7Z02779 FL600A-LP2-65
7Z02763S FL600A-LP1-65 7Z02779 FL600A-LP2-65
18024 (78024) FPS-10, RoHS 7Z02505 FPS-1, RoHS
7Z02789 Helios-EtherNet/IP 7Z07101 Helios Plus - EtherNet/IP-V1
7Z02768 Helios-Profinet 7Z07100 Helios Plus - Profinet-V1
78300 (18300) IEEE Assy for LASERSTAR, RoHS 7Y78300 IEEE Assy for LASERSTAR, RoHS
7Z02465 IS-1 7Z02484 IS-1-2W
7Z08287 IS-2.5" Port Reducer to 1" Assy, RoHS 7Z08305A IS-2.5" Port Reducer to 1" V1 (PTFE)
7Z02475 IS6-D 7Z02487 IS6-D-V1
7Z02477 IS6-D-IR 7Z02490 IS6-D-IR-V1
7Z02473 IS6-D-UV 7Z02489 IS6-D-UV-V1
7Z02471 IS6-D-VIS 7Z02488 IS6-D-VIS-V1
7Z02654S (1Z02654S) L30(150)A-LP1-SH-V1, RoHS 7Z02785 L50(150)A-LP2-35
7Z02194 (1Z02194) L30A-EX-SH, RoHS 7Z02795 L40(200)A-EX-50
7Z02603 (1Z02603) L30A-SH-V1, RoHS 7Z02696 50(150)A-BB-SH-26, RoHS
7Z02766S L30C-LP1-26-SH 7Z02775 L30C-LP2-26-SH
7Z02626 L40(150)A 7Z02793 L40(250)A-BB-50
7Z02614 L40(150)A-EX-V1,RoHS 7Z02795 L40(200)A-EX-50
7Z02652S (1Z02652S) L40(150)A-LP1-SH-V1, RoHS 7Z02794 L40(250)A-LP2-50
7Z02685S L40(150)A-LP1-SH-V2, RoHS 7Z02794 L40(250)A-LP2-50
7Z02783 L40(150)A-LP2-50 7Z02794 L40(250)A-LP2-50
7Z02633 L50(150)A 7Z02796 L50(250)A-BB-50
7Z02697 L50(150)A-EX-35, RoHS 7Z02795 L40(200)A-EX-50
7Z02726S L50(150)A-LP1-35 7Z02785 L50(150)A-LP2-35
7Z02651 (1Z02651) L50(300)A-IPL 7Z02780 L50(300)A-IPL
7Z02641S L50(300)A-LP1-V1 7Z02782 L50(300)A-LP2-65
7Z02606 (1Z02606) L50A-SH, RoHS 7Z02730 L50(150)A-BB-SH-35, RoHS
7Z02689 L300W-LP, RoHS 7Z02776 L300W-LP2-50
7Z02748S L300W-LP1-50, RoHS 7Z02776 L300W-LP2-50
7Z02082 (1Z02082) L1500W-LP-SH, RoHS 7Z02772 L1500W-LP2-50
7Z02665 L1500W-LP-V1, RoHS 7Z02772 L1500W-LP2-50
7Z02759S L1500W-LP1-50, RoHS 7Z02772 L1500W-LP2-50
7Z02660 (1Z02660) L1500W-SH, RoHS 7Z02752 L1500W-BB-50-V2, RoHS
7Z02661 L1500W-V1, RoHS 7Z02752 L1500W-BB-50-V2, RoHS
7E14006 (1E14006) LASERSTAR NiMh Battery Update Kit, RoHS 7Z14006A BATTERY NI-CD 3.6V 4.5AH 3XD L.S. ASSY, RoHS
7Z01801 (1Z01801) ORION-TH, RoHS 7Z01500 NOVA, RoHS
7Z01802 (1Z01802) ORION-PE, RoHS 7Z01500 NOVA, RoHS
7Z01803 (1Z01803) ORION-PD, RoHS 7Z01500 NOVA, RoHS
7Z02823 (1Z02823) PD10-V2, RoHS 7Z02944 PD10-C, RoHS
7Z02824 (1Z02824) PD10-pJ-V2, RoHS 7Z02945 PD10-pJ-C, RoHS
7Z02827 PD10-IR-PJ-V2, RoHS 7Z02946 PD10-IR-pJ-C, RoHS
7Z02425 (1Z02425) PD200-V2, RoHS 7Z02410 PD300, RoHS
7Z02877 (1Z02877) PE9, RoHS 7Z02933 PE9-C, RoHS
7Z02882 (1Z02882) PE9-F, RoHS 7Z02933 PE9-C, RoHS
7Z02871 (1Z02871) PE10BB-V2, RoHS 7Z02938 PE10BF-C, RoHS
7Z02862 (1Z02862) PE10-V2, RoHS 7Z02932 PE10-C, RoHS
7Z02861 (1Z02861) PE25-V2, RoHS 7Z02937 PE25-C, RoHS
7Z02865 (1Z02865) PE25BB-SH-V2, RoHS 7Z02935 PE25BF-C, RoHS
7Z02887 PE25BF-V2, RoHS 7Z02935 PE25BF-C, RoHS
7Z02880 (1Z02880) PE25-DIF, RoHS 7Z02939 PE50-DIF-C, RoHS
7Z02879 (1Z02879) PE25BB-DIF, RoHS 7Z02941 PE25BF-DIF-C, RoHS
7Z02889 PE25BF-DIF-V2, RoHS 7Z02941 PE25BF-DIF-C, RoHS
7Z02863 (1Z02863) PE50-HD, RoHS 7Z02940 PE50BF-DIF-C, RoHS
7Z02860 (1Z02860) PE50-V2, RoHS 7Z02936 PE50-C, RoHS
7Z02866 (1Z02866) PE50BB-DIF-V2, RoHS 7Z02947 PE50BB-DIF-C, RoHS
7Z02864 (1Z02864) PE50BB-V2, RoHS 7Z02934 PE50BF-C, RoHS
7Z02886 PE50BF-V2, RoHS 7Z02934 PE50BF-C, RoHS
7Z02888 PE50BF-DIF-V2, RoHS 7Z02940 PE50BF-DIF-C, RoHS
7Z02875 (1Z02875) PE50-DIF-U-SH-V2, RoHS 7Z02939 PE50-DIF-C, RoHS
7Z02867 (1Z02867) PE50-DIF-ER-V2, RoHS 7Z02948 PE50-DIF-ER-C, RoHS
7Z02885 PE50-DIF-V2, RoHS 7Z02939 PE50-DIF-C, RoHS
7Z02951 PE50HD-C 7Z02934 PE50BF-C
7Z02884 PE50-U, RoHS 7Z02939 PE50-DIF-C, RoHS
7Z02883 (1Z02883) PE100BB-DIF-SH, RoHS 7Z02942 PE100BF-DIF-C, RoHS
7Z02890 PE100BF-DIF, RoHS 7Z02942 PE100BF-DIF-C, RoHS
78105 (18105) RS232 ASSY FOR NOVA 2M CABLE, RoHS 7Y78105 (1Y18105) RS232 ASSY FOR NOVA 2M CABLE, RoHS
781051 (181051) RS232 ASSY FOR NOVA 8M CABLE, RoHS 7Y71051 (1Y11051) RS232 ASSY FOR NOVA 8M CABLE, RoHS
781052 (181052) RS232 ASSY FOR NOVA 5M CABLE, RoHS 7Y71052 (1Y11052) RS232 ASSY FOR NOVA 5M CABLE, RoHS
1G01236 SMA F.O.-ADAPTER 1G01236A SMA F.O.-Adapter, painted
7Z01200 USBI 7Z01252 Juno+