1 Micron Fiber Laser Optics

With decades of knowledge and experience in the optical industry, using cutting-edge measurement equipment, Ophir offers a wide array of first-class optical coatings for high power fiber lasers in the 1 μm wavelength range.


  • High LIDT (laser induced damage threshold) coatings 20 J/ cm2
  • Low absorption 10-50 ppm
  • High quality fused silica substrates

High power lasers are a growing industry with numerous applications. As technology advances, and lasers become more sophisticated, the optics used in such systems must provide increasingly superior levels of performance. Here's where Ophir steps in. With the 1μm high power laser optics range, Ophir guarantees maximum focus stability and minimum aberrations, by using advanced manufacturing technologies, for high optical performance.

Quality Assured

  • Chosen by top-tier laser OEM manufacturers
  • Extensively tested and utilized in laser applications above 8 kW
Typical coating features
AOI 0º-15º
%R @1030-1090 < 0.1%, 0.2% per surface
%T @650-670 > 60%-95% (2 sides)
%T@1030nm T > 99.6%
%T@1064nm T > 99.9%
%T@1070-1080nm T > 99.6%
S/D 10-5
Mechanical properties
Elastic (Young's) modulus 73GPa
Poisson's ratio 0.16
Density 2.20g/cm³
Knoop hardness (100g load) 522kg/mm²
Thermal properties
Specific heat 0.770 J/(gK)
Thermal conductivity 1.38W/(mK)
Thermal diffusivity 0.0075 cm²/s
Thermal expansion(ppm/c) 0.57x10 ⁻⁶ K ⁻¹
Thermal coefficient Δn/ΔT 9.6×10 ⁻⁶ K ⁻¹

Aspheric Lenses

Aspheric surfaces on collimating and focusing lenses provide improved performance over conventional, spheric surfaces in high-power industrial fiber laser and direct diode laser systems. The aspheric shape of the optics reduces spheric aberration resulting in a smaller spot size, a uniform spot shape and greater depth of focus.

Ophir Fiberlens™ aspheric lenses are available in custom configurations for all high-power industrial fiber laser and direct diode laser systems.
fiber optics
Specification Value / Range Tolerance
Diameter (range) 12.0 – 300.0 mm + 0 / - 0.10 mm
Effective focal length (EFL) 20.0 – 500.0 mm < 0.1%
Lens types Aspherical – plano
Aspherical – spherical
Aspherical – aspherical
Clear aperture > 90% of diameter
Asphere power < 2.0 fringe at 632.8 nm Radius of curvature
Asphere irregularity < 0.5 fringe at 632.8 nm (P-V)
Scratch - dig 20-10 or better
Surface roughness < 2 nm RMS
Substrate material High-purity, UV-grade fused silica
Focal length ≤0.1%
ETV ≤10μm

View the white paper below for additional information on our low-absorption AR coatings.

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