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Centauri Single Channel
Centauri Laser Power & Energy Meter, 1 Channel, 7 in. Color Touchscreen
Centauri Dual Channel
Centauri Laser Power & Energy Meter, 2 Channel, 7 in. Color Touchscreen

PC Software & Drivers

This section describes various ways to interface the Ophir meter to your PC as well as the software options available. Check out the datasheet for more details.


The StarLab application together with an Ophir meter turns your PC or laptop into a full-fledged laser power/energy meter. Supports most Ophir laser power/energy sensors. Up to 8 sensors can be displayed at once on one PC. By using the Ophir COM Object, you can control the device from your own application. Supports the Ariel, Centauri, StarBright, StarLite, Juno, Juno+, Juno-RS, Nova II, Vega, Pulsar-1/2/4, Quasar, EA-1 and IPM sensor devices.


Library supplied for a complete measurement interface with most of our USB speaking devices (Centauri, StarBright, StarLite, Juno, Juno+, Nova-II, Pulsar, Vega). Makes use of our new COM object.


Program for those who want to use Centauri connected to IS1.5-VIS-FPD-800 or IS1.5-IRG-FPD-800 integrating sphere with LabVIEW 2017.
Note: In order to work with the application example, it is necessary to install the LabVIEW runtime engine 2017, downloadable from the National Instruments website.

Firmware - Centauri (latest version 2.11)

Embedded s/w for Centauri Laser Power / Energy Meter
Note: Firmware update is performed by downloading the files into a USB Flash disk from Ophir website and connecting it to the Centauri (see link above).
The firmware can't be updated via StarLab.


  • Thermal Sensor Compatibility
  • Photodiode Sensor Compatibility
  • Pyroelectric Sensor Compatibility
  • BeamTrack Sensor Compatibility
  • Statistics
  • Analog Out
    1, 2, 5, 10V
  • RS232
  • USB
  • Trigger Input/Output
  • On-Board Data Storage
    As per USB Flash Drive used
  • CE Compliance
  • UKCA Compliance
  • China RoHS Compliance


Centauri: A New Experience in Laser Measurements

This video gives an overview of Ophir’s new high-end, 7" color touch-screen dual channel laser power/energy meter.

Introduction to the StarLab Laser Measurement Application

This video gives an overview of the StarLab application and its various functions. Part 1 of a series of video segments teaching you how to use StarLab.

Advanced 7 inch Graphical Display Capabilities

The bright color display gives unparalleled legibility and ease of interpreting information. Centauri has many on board features such as laser tuning, data logging, graphing, normalize, power or energy density, attenuation scaling, max and min limits.

Analog Needle Display

Line Graph Display

Pulse Chart Display

Statistics Display

Pass/Fail QA Display

BeamTrack Position/Size Display

Dual Channel Capabilities

The Centauri’s dual channel capabilities enable the user to simply plug in any of Ophir’s thermal, pyroelectric or photodiode sensors and measure the two channels independently, or a comparison between the two channels.

Two Independent Channels of Measurement

Two Channels Merging Into One Graph

Advanced Math Functions

Math functions include: Density, Scale Factor, Normalize against base line, and more. Functions can be mixed together, compared, displayed graphically, and can also be logged.

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