Ophir’s customized optical components are essential to the effectiveness of guided missiles, making it possible to acquire and track ground and air targets. Thanks to our advanced manufacturing technologies, we provide customized infrared optical components (BTP) that enable missile guidance detection and recognition, supporting robust imaging detecting systems.

Customized Infrared Components for Robust Missile-Born Systems

Available customized missile components include: domes, mirrors and Cassegrain telescopes.

Custom IR Component Characteristics

  • Customized Infrared components manufacturing expertise

  • Convex or concave spherical, aspherical and diffractive surfaces

  • Superior coating thickness uniformity

Essential uniform dome coatings for IR guided missile performance

Ophir’s proprietary coating control results in superior thickness uniformity of dome coatings. This results in improved image quality in any viewing angle. The systems’ superior optical performance provides improved target acquisition in any direction.

High numerical aperture systems, as found in IR guided missiles, typically require numerous elements, some of which have steep convex or concave spherical surfaces (domes). These must be properly designed to meet both the extreme operational requirements and accurate target acquisition.

The system’s operating waveband and non-uniformity correction affects the sensitivity of infrared imaging detecting systems. For sharply curved spherical components, such as domes, controlling the coating thickness uniformity is crucial. If not properly corrected, the non-uniform thickness profiles will severely affect the image quality and the coating durability.

Ophir developed a unique rotating coating system to solve the non-uniformity problem. Coupled with thorough testing techniques, we are able to achieve superior thickness uniformity control for dome coatings. This results in improved image quality from the optical system, in any viewing angle and maintains the systems’ optical performance, providing target acquisition in any direction.

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