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BeamWatch Plus , Non-Contact Beam Profiler, 45 µm Min Spot Size, 420-635nm and 950-1100 nm, GigE
BeamWatch Non-Contact Beam Profiler, 130 µm Min Spot Size, 950-1100 nm, GigE


BeamWatch's is a simple means of evaluating the laser performance at periodic intervals. It compares key laser performance parameters against preset ranges to provide Go/No-Go readouts so that the laser user knows when to take corrective actions.


  • Sensor Type
    CCD camera, contactless
  • Spectral Range
    950-1100 nm
  • Focus Spot Size
    45 µm to ~2.75 mm
  • Power Range
    400 W(NIR) and 3 W(VIS) , to >100 kW
  • Maximum Beam Diameter at Entrance/Exit
    12.5 mm
  • Communication
  • CE Compliance
  • UKCA Compliance
  • China RoHS Compliance


Measuring Focal Shift with BeamWatch

Is your laser's focus spot where you think it is? This video shows the focal shift of a 100 Kw laser during the first four seconds of startup using BeamWatch, Ophir's non-contact high power beam analyzer.

Focus Shift Monitoring of High Power Laser

BeamWatch™ utilizes disruptive technology to measure very high power YAG and fiber lasers. By not intercepting the beam and yet providing instantaneous measurements, you can now monitor the beam characteristic at frequent intervals without having to shut down the process or remove tooling and fixtures to get access. In addition, you can now measure focal spot location at millisecond intervals and know if there is any focal spot shift during those critical start-up moments.

BeamWatch Dynamically Measures 100kW Fiber Laser

The BeamWatch® industrial beam profiling system provides data that has never been seen or measured, even to laser users that have been working with high-power lasers for years. Through the dynamic measurement of beam waist location, the laser engineer can know how changes in power density affect the quality the process. For example, data is now available about the laser’s effect on the quality and consistency of laser welds, cuts, and holes drilled.

Laser Measurement Solutions for High Power Industrial Laser Applications

Modern production facilities must constantly increase throughput, at less cost, with less scrap, and with minimum downtime. In this video overview, you will learn how application of new, advanced technology in measurement devices, can help both designers and users of industrial laser systems to optimize and control their processes, so they can accomplish these goals and achieve consistently good results – both in quality and quantity.

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