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Multifunctional Integrating Sphere, 2 Detectors, 1.5 in. ID, 400 nW to 4 W, Ø20 mm, 400 to 1100 nm


  • Product Name
  • Type
    Divergent Beam
  • Sphere Size
    1.5 inch ID
  • Aperture Size
    Ø20 mm
  • Detector Type
    Silicon and Fast Silicon
  • Spectral Range
    400 to 1100nm
  • Minimum Power
    400 nW
  • Maximum Average Power
    4 W
  • Response Time
    0.8 ns Rise, 2.8 ns Fall
  • Dimensions
    67 x 52 x 61 mm (LxWxD)
  • CE Compliance
  • UKCA Compliance
  • China RoHS Compliance


Multifunction Integrating Sphere IS1.5-VIS-FPD-800

In many applications such as VCSEL-based LIDAR and facial recognition systems, there is a need to measure multiple parameters of the laser beam at the same time, such as power, spectrum, and temporal pulse shape. Also, capturing and correctly measuring these widely-diverging and slowly-pulsing beams can be very challenging. The Ophir IS1.5-VIS-FPD-800 Multifunction Integrating Sphere sensor helps you meet these challenges. Get an overview in this video.

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