CO2 Laser Focusing Lenses

The focusing lens is the last optic in the CO2 laser path, before it hits the workpiece. Its main role is to focus the laser beam to a specific focal length depending on the application. Therefore, the focal length dictated by the radiuses and curvatures of the lens is its most important feature. In order to ensure that your laser operates at maximum efficiency it is crucial to select the right lens. The type to be used with each machine is usually specified in the machine manufacturer's manual. We offer a wide range of standard and custom lenses assuring that the most suitable and effective lens be fitted to your laser cutting machine.

Lens Coatings

Our standard Duralens™ AR coating features <0.2% absorption rate, HeNe transparency, a standard product lifetime, and a decent cost/benefit ratio. With guaranteed low absorption (LA) and other unique characteristics, the Black Magic™ coating has a lower absorption rate, but it is not transparent, although it is more durable with an extended product lifetime. The ultra low absorption (ULA) Clear Magic™ coating, as its name suggests, it transparent, and has an ultra-low absorption rate of <0.13%, as well as an extended product lifetime, but for a higher price.

AR COATING Duralens™ Black Magic™ (LA) Clear Magic™ (ULA)
Transmission >99.3% >99.35% >99.37%
Absorption <0.20% <0.15% <0.13%
Reflection <0.20% <0.25% <0.25%

Lens Shapes

Meniscus lenses have one concave and one convex surface which enable a smaller beam diameter and hence, a reduction in spherical aberration and less beam waste when precision cutting or marking. The smaller spot size provided by the lens creates the same power output in a smaller area. Plano-Convex lenses have one flat surface and one curved surface. These lenses are more suitable for high turnover cutting applications including cutting and welding of a wide range of materials (metals, wood, ceramics, plastics, and composites) when the cost is often more important than the level of accuracy.

CO2 Laser Focusing Lenses

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