Maritime Infrared Imaging

Withstanding harsh environmental conditions and providing long DRI ranges, Ophir’s maritime thermal imaging lenses enable clear visibility through night and day, in complete darkness, during storms, and in the brightest sunlight, keeping maritime vessels safe from unseen hazards.

Clearest Visibility at the Toughest Vision Conditions

Maritime Imaging Lens Characteristics

  • Accurate thru-zoom boresight
  • Continuous zoom, with fixed F# and focus maintained through full range
  • Rugged design assures operability in low temperatures and the toughest environments
  • High optical performance
  • High durability, low reflection hard carbon AR coating
  • Fast FOV change
  • Compatible with major MWIR & LWIR detectors
  • Diffraction-limited optical design
  • Athermal compensation
  • Pre-set, discrete optical zoom positions
  • CPU controlled via RS 485 or RS 232

LWIR Naval / Maritime Thermal Imaging Lenses

MWIR Maritime Thermal Imaging Lenses

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