Ophir IR Thermal Imaging Lens Catalog

Discover Ophir’s thermal imaging lens assemblies
Explore our comprehensive range of thermal imaging lens assemblies, designed for superior performance in a variety of applications. Our products include:
  • LWIR, MWIR, SWIR lenses for cooled and uncooled cameras
  • LWIR lenses specially designed for 10-12μm pitch detectors
  • 1-FOV, multiple FOV, motorized and continuous zoom lenses

Introducing Ophir new continuous zoom lenses:
  • SWIR & NIR continuous zoom lens designed for 5μm, 10μm SXGA & 15μm VGA SWIR detectors
  • MWIR continuous zoom lenses designed for 10μm / SXGA detectors
  • MWIR continuous zoom lens series designed for 15μm VGA detectors
  • Extended observation ranges continuous zoom lenses
  • Low-SWaP continuous zoom lenses
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