Customized Infrared Optical Components

With decades of knowledge and experience, having designed and delivered thousands of infrared components for multiple defense applications, Ophir has earned its reputation as a world-leading, one-stop-shop designer and manufacturer of Infrared thermal imaging components for defense OEMs. If you’re looking for the best quality optics, built with unrivalled know-how and expertise, Ophir is the answer.

IR optical components manufacturing expertise

  • End-to-End solutions – from design through production
  • Unparalleled experience and expertise in the defense industry
  • Unique, innovative engineering techniques
  • Cutting-edge manufacturing technologies Optical coating proficiency for outstanding results
  • Strict QA standards and procedures

Combining decades of expertise with the latest, cutting-edge technologies

Our R&D engineering team works in collaboration with defense customers to develop, design and deliver optimized optics with unparalleled optical performance quality, for which we are known worldwide. We deliver solutions for high precision and environmentally challenging applications, answering the strict demands of customers worldwide, enabling today’s most advanced aerospace and defense solution deployments. When you choose Ophir, you’re choosing to partner with a team that can turn any design into a high performance product that will enable you to reach your goals in the defense industry.

Our core capabilities – your success

  • Superior design capabilities for a diverse range of advanced optical components and assemblies
  • In-house, cutting-edge manufacturing technologies:
    • Diamond turning
    • CNC polishing
    • Coating
    • Metrology
  • Highest production standards
  • Complete control of production processes
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) Innovative engineering
  • High-end and large volume production capabilities
  • Manufacturing sites in Israel and Europe (Romania) with a clean room for the coating, inspection and packing processes.

Manufacturing a wide range of components to meet any specification

  • VIS to LWIR wavelengths
  • Lenses, mirrors, domes, windows and prisms
  • Spherical, aspheric, diffractive, flat, and free-form Special truncated shapes
  • Doublets or triplets
  • Substrates: BK7, Fused-Silica, Zerudor, Chalcogenides, Germanium, Silicon, Calcium Fluoride, Zinc selenide, Zinc sulfide cleartran, Copper, Aluminum and more.

Manufacturing a wide range of components to meet any specification

  • Manufacturing technologies include: Grinding, CNC Polishing, Plano Polishing, Diamond Turning, Centering and Coating.
  • MRF technology Ø5-400mm components fabrication and coating
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) over full production cycle
  • Lean and Six-Sigma for excellence and continuous improvement
  • Large volume high-end production capabilities
  • Free form optics manufacturing and metrology
  • Variety of Chalcogenide glasses
  • Large Silicon lenses > Ø200 mm
  • Large Aluminum mirrors for Cassegrainian telescopes
  • Tolerances (Typical | High-end):
Windows  Lenses  Mirrors 
Dimensional  ±0.05 | ±0.01 mm ±0.05 | ±0.01 mm ±0.05 | ±0.01 mm
Surface figure (P-V) Flatness 0.5 | 0.2 Fr
Irregularity 0.2 | 0.1 Fr
Power 2 | 1 Fr
Irregularity 0.5 | 0.2 Fr

Radius tolerance 0.1% | 0.05%
Irregularity 2 | 1 Fr
Flatness 0.5 | 0.2 Fr
Parallelism 3 | 5 arc sec 3 | 5 arc sec 3 | 5 arc sec
Surface quality (S-D) 80-50 | 10-5 80-50 | 10-5 80-50 | 10-5
Roughness nm, RMS 2 | 0.5 2 | 0.5 2 | 0.5

The most advanced optical coatings, developed by world-leading experts

With over 40 years of experience, Ophir is recognized as a world leader in the development, production and application of advanced optical coatings.

Using a clean room, our highly abrasion-resistant, anti-reflective (AR) coatings include several types of DLC coatings, providing maximum durability, energy transmission & minimal reflection.

Coating technologies:

  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) – Thermal heating and electron gun Ion Assisted Deposition
  • (IAD) – Ion gun Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • (PECVD) for DLC coatings
  • Short radius surfaces coatings

Coating types:

  • Anti-reflective(AR), Mirrors and Filters
  • Multispectral coatings
  • High efficacy and high durability coatings
  • DLC (HC) coatings and Low Reflectance HC (LRHC)
  • Laser coatings for 1.064 µm and 10.6 µm
  • EUV coatings
  • Wide coatings catalog

Unbeatable coating performance, guaranteed:

  • Broadband AR:
    • Ref < 0.5% to 0.2%
    • Tra > 98% to 99%
  • Broadband mirror: Ref > 98% to 99%
  • Windscreen Wiper Test TS1888 / P 5.4.3 – DLC coatings

Our strict quality assurance processes – your peace of mind

With rigorous QA testing throughout product lifespan, we ensure that your finished product is optimized for your needs with the highest performance requested.

  • AS9100 Rev. D >
  • ISO 9001-2015 >
  • Compliant with the following US and European military standards: DIN 3140, IPC 620, MIL-PRF 13830, Mil-PRF 85285, MIL STD 810, MIL-C-48497, MIL-C-48616, ISO 10110 sections 1-19, ANSI\ASQ Z1.4.
  • Automotive industry certified supplier
  • End to end control of the entire manufacturing process
  • Highly professional and experienced team
  • Wave front error measurement in 0.633, 1.52, 3.39, 10.6 μm
  • Wide testing tools covering all required specifications:
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