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StarLite Laser Power & Energy Meter, 320x240 B&W LCD Display
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StarLite with USB Enabled
StarLite Laser Power & Energy Meter, 320x240 B&W LCD Display, USB activated
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PC Software & Drivers

This section describes various ways to interface the Ophir meter to your PC as well as the software options available. Check out the datasheet for more details.


The StarLab application together with an Ophir meter turns your PC or laptop into a full-fledged laser power/energy meter. Supports most Ophir laser power/energy sensors. Up to 8 sensors can be displayed at once on one PC. By using the Ophir COM Object, you can control the device from your own application. Supports the Ariel, Centauri, StarBright, StarLite, Juno, Juno+, Nova II, Vega, Pulsar-1/2/4, Quasar, EA-1 and Ariel devices.


Library supplied for a complete measurement interface with most of our USB speaking devices (Centauri, StarBright, StarLite, Juno, Juno+, Nova-II, Pulsar, Vega). Makes use of our new COM object.

Firmware - StarLite (latest version 1.56)

Embedded s/w for StarLite Laser Power / Energy Meter
Notes: Firmware update is performed by downloading the installer from Ophir website (see link above).
The firmware can't be updated via StarLab.


  • Thermal Sensor Compatibility
  • Photodiode Sensor Compatibility
  • Pyroelectric Sensor Compatibility
  • BeamTrack Sensor Compatibility
  • Statistics
  • Analog Out
  • USB
    20 Hz
  • Trigger Input/Output
  • On-Board Data Storage
  • Automation Interface
  • Labview VI's
  • CE Compliance
  • UKCA Compliance
  • China RoHS Compliance


Overview of StarLite Power/Energy Meter

The new StarLite power/energy meter is an economical instrument that supports all our newest lines of standard sensors. This video shows you how easy it is to use.

Firmware Upgrade of StarLite and StarBright

Field upgrade of the firmware for the StarLite and StarBright meters is very simple. In this video, we’ll walk through the process, step by step.

Setting Your Laser Power Meter To a Custom Wavelength

Learn how to set the correct wavelength for your measurement, even when the wavelength you need is not one of the default wavelengths offered by the meter.

Introduction to the StarLab Laser Measurement Application

This video gives an overview of the StarLab application and its various functions. Part 1 of a series of video segments teaching you how to use StarLab.

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