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Focusing Doublet Lens Assembly, 37 mm Diameter, 150 mm Focal Length, 1030-1090 nm
Focusing Doublet Lens Assembly, 30 mm Diameter, 125 mm Focal Length, 1030-1090 nm


Optical Collimation and Focusing Assemblies

Our line of replacement focusing and collimation assemblies is available off-the-shelf and is compatible with leading OEM laser brands. Standard products offered for 100, 125, 150, 200 mm focal lengths. Design and manufacture, according to customer needs, is available upon request.

Custom Motorized Zoom Lens for Laser Cutting Head

OEM custom design of motorized zoom lenses are available upon request. They typically feature:

  • Magnification range X1-X4
  • Continuous zoom
  • Total transmission >97%
  • Focus range -15 to +20nmm
  • Focus time 0.5 sec for full range

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