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Wide Beam Imager, Ø45 mm, 900-1700 nm
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Wide Beam Imager, Ø45 mm, 350-1100 nm
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  • Beam Size
    10 to 45 mm
  • Active Area
    Ø45 mm
  • Angle of Incidence
    <70 degrees


Introducing the Wide Beam Imager

The Ophir Wide Beam Imager accessory is a compact, calibrated optical system for measuring the size and power distribution of large and divergent beams of VCSELs, LEDs, edge-emitting lasers, and fiber lasers. It employs a 45 mm diffusive plate onto which the beam from the light source is projected. This image is then reduced by 8 times and is reimaged onto the camera focal plane. VCSELs, LEDs and fiber lasers are used in many sensitive applications. To guarantee the high quality of the devices, it is essential to analyze the beam profile, but those wide, divergent beams place specific requirements on the measurement system:

  • The apertures of conventional beam profilers are too small to collect the entire spot of large or divergent light sources.
  • Diverging beams cannot be accurately measured with regular detectors because the quantum efficiency of the detector is highly dependent on the angle of incidence. Compact, ruggedized, and portable design of WB-I enables on-site service of beam profiling of VCSELs and LED systems at the customer site as well as operation at production lines and R&D labs.
  • Divergent beams measurement significantly improved due to the possibility of up to 70° angle measurement, compared to 15°of standard beam profiler sensors.
  • WB-I accessory, together with the camera and the BeamGage software, provides real-time beam shape analysis. Visualization of changes of the beam shape due to different currents can be easily detected.
  • Variable attenuation, via a set of interchangeable filters or iris, enables measuring wide range of light sources of different emitting powers.

Designated for R&D, Production and Service in following fields: Data Telecommunication, Automotive, Remote sensing, Face and gesture recognition

Typical measurements: Far Field energy distribution, divergent, LIV sweep test VCSELs (beam profile vs current (A))

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