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BeamWatch Integrated Non-Contact Beam Profiler System, 500 mm, 980-1080 nm, ProfiNet
BeamWatch Integrated Non-Contact Beam Profiler System, 500 mm, 980-1080 nm, EtherNet/IP
BeamWatch Integrated Non-Contact Beam Profiler System, 500 mm, 980-1080 nm, CC-Link

BeamWatch Integrated

The system can be manually operated by PC using BeamWatch, our full-function software with an extensive set of ISO quantitative propagation measurements, NIST calibrated power measurements, graphical representations of the beam caustic. Requires user supplied PC.

The system can alternatively be operated automatically by PLC using PROFINET, EtherNet/IP or CC-Link. Tolerances and limit values can be set-up for desired measured parameters to trigger corrective actions. The trend charts give insights for early problem detection and predictive maintenance.

In both cases PDF and CSV reports can be generated.

PROFINET Installation: GSDML File
To install the BeamWatch Integrated into a PROFINET network, download the GSDML file and follow the instructions in the manual.


  • Spectral Range
    980 - 1080 nm
  • Power Range
    500 W - 9999 W (up to 30 kW on request)
  • Maximum Beam Diameter at Entrance/Exit
    12.5 mm
  • Focus to Power Meter Distance
    500 mm
  • Power Meter Calibration
    NIST traceable ±3%
  • Beam Profiling
    ISO 11146 Measurements
  • CE Compliance
  • UKCA Compliance
  • China RoHS Compliance


BeamWatch Integrated: Industrial Non-Contact Beam Measurement

With its shutter and rugged design, BeamWatch Integrated is a compact and self-contained system that can accommodate different types of welding heads. A variety of interfaces makes it possible to integrate the system into production networks and automated manufacturing lines to facilitate direct transfer of measurement data.

Product Overview: BeamWatch® Integrated– Automated Beam Measurement for Industrial High-Power Lasers

The Ophir BeamWatch Integrated industrial laser beam profiler is developed to meet the needs of material processing users. Designed for use with high-power laser beams, the measurement device combines non-contact beam profiling of the BeamWatch family and an Ophir power measurement sensor with high industrial standards in automation technology. Beam profiling and power measurement are integrated into a closed, robust housing.

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