Long Range, MWIR f/4.0 Continuous Zoom Lenses
Compatible with SXGA 10μm detectors

Based on the legacy of the 15-300mm f/4.0 MWIR, with a variety of extenders
Answer your growing DRI range needs with our new, non-ITAR lens family. Our existing 15-300mm MWIR f/4.0 high performance zoom lens is now offered with a series of extenders, for superior DRI ranges, ideal for long range observations and surveillance systems.

Four times the performance, with one simple change.

Select one of our new lenses to optimize the NFOV/maximum focal length of your camera system, improving it from 300 mm up to an impressive 1200 mm, for enhanced FOVs and unbeatable DRI ranges.

The 15-300mm f/4.0 is now offered with a series of extenders, all using the same base system, meaning no need for hardware or software modifications.

Our new, long range zoom lenses use the same base system as the existing 15-300mm f/4.0 zoom lens, so it’s simple to upgrade. Complete with our high-end optics, your thermal camera will benefit from maximum performance, with no compromise on image quality.

Key Features

  • Same communication protocol and interface for all zoom lenses
  • Designed for long range observation systems
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Narrow FOV up to 0.6° (900mm FL) with optical zoom
  • High optical performance
  • Compatible with 1280x1024 (SXGA) 10 μm detectors
  • Compatible with leading detector manufacturing
  • Focus and f# maintained through the entire zoom range
  • Available with HD, HC or LRHC coatings

DRI (Detection, Recognition & Identification) Performance

SupIR 15-300 mm f/4.0

SupIR 21-420 mm f/4.0

SupIR 30-600 mm f/4.0

SupIR 35-690 mm f/4.0

SupIR 45-900 mm f/4.0

SupIR 60-1200 mm f/4.0

MWIR f/4.0 Imaging Lens Products

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