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OEM Pyroelectric Energy Sensor, PE-C Series, Ø10 mm, 0.19-10.6 µm
OEM Pyroelectric Energy Sensor, from 1 µJ, Ø12 mm, 0.19-10.6 µm
OEM Pyroelectric Energy Sensor, PE-C Series, RS232 or Analog Output


Overview of Ophir Pyro OEM Sensors

Do you need an energy sensor integrated inside your system? This video will give you an overview of the range of OEM energy sensor options available.

OEM Laser Power Meter and Sensor

In this video, Jimmy Green, Ophir OEM Specialist, explains how Ophir can solve laser measurement challenges if a solution cannot be found from the hundreds of products in our catalog.

Clarifications: Range Selection, Measurement Duration

Sometimes, even experienced users of laser measurement equipment come across some issues that, although basic, need to be clarified. This video reviews 2 such issues: (1) selection of correct range when it's not quite obvious (and what happens if one goes over range), and (2) how long a measurement duration may be.

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