Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning methods for external lens in SupIR lens assembly.

General Precautions:

  1. Although the external side of the lens is coated with a durable / erosion resistant coating (according to MIL standards), cleaning dust, sand and other particles might scratch the coating and eventually degrade the performance of the lens.
  2. Do not use tools or sharp objects when cleaning the lens.

A. Removal of hard particles and contaminants

In a clean room: Use compressed nitrogen to blow off dust and other particles.

In field conditions: Rinse lens with running water or use a wet cloth in order to remove sand, salt and other contaminants (do not apply pressure).

Wipe the lens using a soft tissue paper or lens tissue.

B. Cleaning with solvent

Usage of different solvents:

  • Acetone – removal of grease
  • Ethanol – removal of fingerprints and other contaminants
  • Alcohol – final cleaning (before use)
  1. Immerse tissue paper in Alcohol / Propanol / Acetone or Ethanol (reagent grade).
  2. Wipe the lens in “S” motion (so that each area of the lens will not be wiped more than once).
  3. Repeat stage 2 until the lens is clean. Use a new tissue each time.

C. Aggressive Cleaning

It is recommended to contact Ophir before performing this procedure since it might scratch the lens surface and eventually damage coating. Do not perform this procedure in field conditions.

  1. Prepare a solution of Aluminua-Oxid Powder and distilled water. Ophir CO2 cleaning solution can also be used.
  2. Dampen tissue paper or a cotton ball (100% natural cotton) with solution. Clean the lens surface in a circular motion (do not apply pressure).
  3. Wipe solution off the lens using tissue paper. Repeat (use a new tissue each time) until lens is clean.
  4. Clean with solvent according to stage B (above).

If aggressive cleaning is inefficient or the lens is scratched, please send the lens to Ophir for professional maintenance.

  • Air bulb
  • Polishing compound (Alumina-Oxid Polish)
  • Dispensers for Propanol and Acetone
  • Finger cots
  • Cotton balls
  • Lens tissue (optical grade rice paper) P/N 910000
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