Laser Marking

Laser marking is used for many purposes across many market segments. Processes in this category include laser printing, etching, engraving, ablating, and annealing.

effects of operating current level on the output spectrum of a laser diode

The most common lasers used for these processes used to be high-powered Nd:YAG lasers. However, more recently, fiber lasers are being used, as they tend to have a higher beam quality and lower total cost of ownership, with an extended lifetime, reduced need for maintenance or downtime, and low consumables consumption.

One common application of laser marking is for marking codes directly on packaging and labels. This process requires extreme accuracy, as the text created must be read easily by both humans and machines. This requirement can be achieved using a laser with a very tiny spot diameter. In addition, increasing the laser’s power makes the process faster and more efficient. To ensure this type of laser performs well, the laser components used must be able to handle high power density without comprising results.

Laser marking systems must also be suitable for use in challenging production environments. For this reason, to ensure a long lifetime, the laser components should be able to withstand prolonged exposure to humidity, dust, and water.

Ophir manufactures a large range of optical components suitable for laser marking systems, including lenses and windows. These optics use cutting-edge technologies and processes, combined with Ophir’s decades of experience in field, to ensure the greatest laser performance for perfect laser marking results.

CO2 Laser Focusing Lenses

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