LED Measurement

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LED Measurement

LEDs are increasingly replacing traditional light sources in a wide range of applications. They are small, cheap, power efficient, have longer lifetimes…and the list of advantages goes …

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Measuring Broadband UVA And Violet Led Light Sources For Industrial And Medical Applications

Efficient utilization of the UV radiation requires good measurement tools. However, accurate light measurement in this spectral range presents challenges, such as how to accurately …

Technical Article

Measuring Challenges of Wide and Divergent Beams

There are several types of wide or divergent light sources, such as LEDs or fiber optic illuminators, that can be measured with the Wide Beam Imager, but its main application is the …

Technical Article

Challenges and Opportunities of UV Disinfection

UV radiation is a promising approach to prevent airborne infections and infections caused by exposure to contaminated surfaces. It has long been known as an option to inactivate pathogenic …

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Measuring Non-Laser Light Sources with Commercial Laser Beam Profiling Systems

Commercially available laser beam profiling products are used throughout the world to research, develop, manufacture, and test the quality of lasers and systems that use lasers. These …

Technical Article

What’s That Blue Light Coming Out of Your Mouth?

Because of the differences in types of lights and light guides, there are great differences in uniformity of the beams emitted from the light source. This nonuniformity causes uneven …


LED Measurement Solutions

LEDs are becoming the light source of choice in many industrial, medical, and scientific applications. Correct measurement - of the right parameter - is not trivial, but is often critical …

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