LWIR Lenses Optimized for 10-12 μm Uncooled Detectors

Ophir has always provided ideal, state-of-the-art optical solutions for cutting-edge technologies. Our new designs address the market trends toward smaller pixels with a shift to 10-12 µm detectors. These new detectors meet superior SWaP standards, enabling a reduction in the size of the optical system, while also providing a longer detection range.

Cutting edge technologies, meeting the needs of next generation detectors

As these detectors enter the market, older 17 μm detectors will become obsolete. Ahead of the game, we’ve been refining our designs for the last two years, working with major detector manufacturers, to provide an optimized optics design that matches the needs of the new 10-12μm detectors.

Product Characteristics

  • Meeting SWaP constraints
  • Optimized for 10-12 μm detectors
  • Addresses the next generation of form factors, for both size and weight
  • Suitable for multiple applications:
    • Air
    • sea
    • land
  • Cost effective design
  • Full athermalization

Please download our LWIR Optics Optimized for 10-12 micron Pixel Pitch Detectors brochure for additional information.

Index of Lenses Optimized for 10-12µm Pixel IR Uncooled Detectors

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