Beam Profiling for 266nm to 3000µm

Unlike a power meter that measures average or instantaneous Watts or Joules of the overall laser beam, knowing how the power is distributed within the beam is equally as important. As an example, if you want to cut something the power should generally be focused in the center of the beam to concentrate the power density in a very small area but if you were trying to weld something with all the power in the center you would poke a hole in the weld; requiring the power to be equally distributed as in a top hat profile.


Introduction to Camera-Based Profiling

A camera-based beam profiler system consists of a camera, profiler software and a beam attenuation accessory. Spiricon offers the broadest range of cameras in the market to cope with wavelengths from 13nm, extreme UV, to 3000 μm, in the long infrared. Both USB and FireWire interfaces are available for most wavelength ranges providing flexibility for either laptop or desktop computers. READ MORE

Beam Profiling with BeamGage

See your beam as never before with BeamGage®.
The camera-based beam profiling system consists of a camera and analysis software.
Often times, this system will need to be used with beam attenuation or beam sizing accessories, depending on your laser application.



Entry Level Beam Profiling with BeamMic

BeamMic is simplified set of measurement tools for the entry level beam analysis user.
The camera-based beam profiling system consists of a camera and analysis software. 





Introduction to Slit-Based Profiling

The scanning slit beam profiler moves two narrow orthogonal slits in front of a linear photo-detector through the beam under analysis. Light passing through the slit induces a current in the detector. Thus, as the slit scans through the beam, the detector signal is linearly proportional to the spatial beam irradiance profile integrated along the slit. A digital encoder provides accurate slit position. The photo-induced current signal is digitized and analyzed to obtain the beam profile in both X and Y from the two orthogonal slits.  

Beam Profiling with NanoScan

Measure your beam as never before with the NanoScan™ beam profiler.
The advantage of scanning slit beam profiling is sub-micron precision for measuring beam position and size.
Scan head configurations include Silicon, Germanium, and Pyroelectric versions for a wide.