Beam Splitters

Reduction of the laser power before reaching the camera is often times required to obtain a usable signal, one that is not saturating or damaging the camera. These beam splitters are designed to reflect the laser’s signal at single-digit percentages and can be used in series to greatly reduce the laser light before being imaged.

  • Stackable Prism Front-Surface Beam Samplers

    Stackable Prism Front-Surface Beam Samplers
    The Prism Front-Surface Beam Sampler (PFSA) is a C-mount fixture housing a UV-Grade Fused Silica right angle prism, used for sampling the front surface reflection for high power/energy beam-profiling applications. Reflection at nominal incidence of 45°is polarization and wavelength dependent, with 532nm s-polarization reflected at 8.27%, and p-polarization at 0.68%.
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  • Stackable Beam Splitters

    Stackable Beam Splitters
    The stackable beam splitters are designed for maximum modularity and shortest beam path. They are compatible with almost all of our cameras having the standard C mount thread and can mount either to other attenuators or to the camera itself.
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