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Front-Surface Beam Sampler, Single Prism, C-mount
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In Stock
Front-Surface Beam Sampler, Dual Prism, C-mount
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In Stock


  • Spectral Range
    200-2500 nm
  • Angle of Incidence
  • Reflection
    P: 0.64-0.88%, S: 8.01-9.40%
  • Damage Threshold
    100 MW/cm2
  • Surface Accuracy
  • Surface Quality
    20-10 Scratch-Dig
  • Material
    UV-Grade Fused Silica
  • Clear Aperture
    14x14 mm
  • Interface


Single and Dual Prism Front-Surface Beam Samplers

The Front-Surface Beam Sampler is available as either a single prism (PFSA) or dual orthogonal prism (DPFSA) unit. Reflection of the prism at the nominal incidence of 45° is polarization and wavelength dependent, with 532 nm s-polarization reflected at 8.27%, and p-polarization at 0.68% for PFSA. The DPFSA configuration results in polarization independent reflection of 0.057% at 532 nm.

Reflection at λ (nm) P- Polarization S- Polarization
 248.3 0.88% 9.40%
 351.1 0.75% 8.65%
 532 0.68% 8.27%
 1064 0.64% 8.01%

Other filters and attenuators can be attached using the C-mount female threads at the input end. The use of a right-angle prism to sample the incident beam guarantees that any scattered secondary beams do not interfere with the measurement.

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