Neutral Density (ND) Filters

Reduction of the laser power before reaching the camera is often times required to obtain a usable signal, one that is not saturating or damaging the camera. These filters work much like sunglasses do, by absorbing the laser light and reducing the laser power often times by several orders of magnitude when used in series.

  • C-Mount Neutral Density (ND) Filters

    The individual filters come in three versions, the ND1 filter in the red housing with ~10% transmission in the visible, the ND2 filter in the black housing with ~1% transmission and the ND3 filter in the green housing with ~0.1% transmission. The individual filters can be screwed on top of each other and thus stacked and also can be combined with beam splitters. They are set at a small wedge angle in the housing so as not to cause interference effects.
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  • ATP-K Variable Attenuator

    ATP-K Continuously Variable Attenuator
    Attenuates your laser without ghost reflections ,fringes and light leaks. A knob-operated variable wedges attenuation of ND 1.7 -4.6 with fixed gray-glass attenuator with ND 2.8, provides total attenuation capability of ND 7.4.
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  • UV ND Filters Fixed Attenuator Set

    UV ND Filters Fixed Attenuator Set
    C-mount interface for universal application to our CCD and Pyroelectric cameras 190-380nm attenuation covers Excimer, Helium Cadmium, and the Nd:YAG UV harmonic laser wavelengths. Attenuation with these ND filters permits the best use of the dynamic range of a beam profiling camera. Attenuation range of 0.3 to 6.0 optical densities (ND). Set consists of three slides with two filters in each slide.
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  • 355nm Specialty Filter

    355nm Specialty Filter
    There are also specialized filters available to eliminate extraneous wavelengths when measuring very short or very long wavelengths where the CCD cameras are not sensitive and the desired signal can get swamped by extraneous light of other wavelengths.
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