4X Beam Expander

4X Beam Expander

4X Reimaging Beam Expander For Very Small Beams

Beam expanders are designed to work with C-mount threaded cameras that have 4.5mm imager back focal spacing or with CS (12.5mm) back focal spacing. The 4X beam expander is an expanding telescope that images the beam as it looks at 8mm from the end of the expander onto the CCD while enlarging the image 4X.


  • 340-1800nm
  • C-mount
  • 4X
  • 50mm
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The 4X Beam Expander is available with the following option:
  • 4X reimaging beam expander


    Screw optical assembly that images the plane 8 mm in front of the expander onto the CCD while enlarging it 4X. Fits 4.5mm recess and CS mount cameras.

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Customers that purchase the above items also consider the following items:
  • UV converter assembly for 4X beam expander


    Screw on assembly which has UV plate that converts 193 - 360nm radiation to visible. This plate is at the object plane of the 4X expander so it produces a 4X enlarged image on the CCD

  • Spacer assembly for objectives


    Spacer assembly for above. One only needed for all expanders above

  • Beam splitter for expanders above


    45 degree angle wedge beam splitter which mounts onto beam expander. Reduces beam intensity by ~20 times. For spectral range 190 – 2500nm. Introduces 35mm extra beam path to object plane.

  • Additional beam splitter for above


    Additional beam splitter to mount to 1st beam splitter.

  • LBS-300 Attenuator
    The LBS-300s beam splitter attachment for C-mount, CS-mount, or Ophir mount cameras allow you to measure laser beams with diameters up to 15mm and powers ranging from 10mW to ~400W(1). The beam sampler is designed so that the preferential polarization selection effect of a single wedge is cancelled out and the resulting beam image is polarization