Beam Expanders and Microscope Objectives

When imaging small laser beams, the resolution of the imager becomes an issue. Pixel size of the Spiricon camera or the slit side of the NanoScan head being used must have a large enough image to properly analyze the signal being presented to it. Beam Expanders and Microscope Objectives are the way to increase the size of the beam for more accurate measurement and analysis.

  • 4X Beam Expander

    4X Beam Expander
    Beam expanders are designed to work with C-mount threaded cameras that have 4.5mm imager back focal spacing or with CS (12.5mm) back focal spacing. The 4X beam expander is an expanding telescope that images the beam as it looks at 8mm from the end of the expander onto the CCD while enlarging the image 4X.
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  • Microscope Objectives

    Microscope Objectives
    Microscope objectives are available for expanding the beam even more. There are objectives for 6X, 12X, and 22X expansion. The various expanders allow the use of our 2% and 10% filters as well as the variable attenuator so as to accommodate the camera to a wide range of source intensities.
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