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Webinar with Photonics Media: Medical Laser Applications: Defining Measurement Solutions

As with any precision process, laser-based medical applications demand tight control of a laser’s behavior to keep the process on track. But how is this implemented in applications? Mark Slutzki, in addition to presenting interesting medical laser applications, maps out the process for identifying and configuring the appropriate monitoring and measurement solutions as well as the most intelligent approaches to implementation. This is often not a trivial task, but the result is a model that can be used equally well in other laser applications.

Measuring low power, slowly pulsing beams: “Low Frequency Power”

Are you trying to measure a low-power, slowly pulsing beam (think of a VCSEL beam for example) – and getting frustrated?
Measuring low-power, slowly pulsing beams using photodiode sensors can be surprisingly tricky.
Learn about the technical challenges you’ll face when trying to measure such beams, and about the Ophir solutions that will help you.

Power Sensor Buzzing?

Ever hear an audible “buzz” tone coming from your laser power sensor while measuring? Sounds strange, but it’s actually real (under certain specific conditions). Learn about this somewhat surprising effect in this video.

Webinar: Managing Laser Degradation in Industrial ApplicationsOwned and produced by Photonics Media

Lasers are made of physical matter. Therefore, the natural degradation of their materials can cause variability in performance. Aging optics often cause slow changes in laser behavior and, when left unchecked, these changes can lead to loss of process efficiency. An unclean process environment can quickly change a laser’s behavior through thermal lensing, which is caused by debris collected on laser optics.

Webinar: How Do You Know Your AM Laser is Performing to Spec?

Webinar was hosted by 3d Metal Printing Magazine presented by Kevin D. Kirkham, Senior Manager Business Development for Ophir at MKS Instruments and John McCauley, Business Development Manager for Ophir at MKS Instruments

Webinar with Laser Focus World: Laser Myths: What You Don't Know Can Hurt Your Process

Like any other machine tool, the technologies surrounding the laser system have advanced significantly over the past several decades. However, there are still many myths surrounding the employment, operation, and maintenance of an industrial laser. These can cause a laser operator to be lulled into a false sense of security and form bad habits when it comes to maintaining a consistent laser process.

Webinar with Laser Focus World: Glass cutting and micro-welding with industrial ultrashort pulsed

Tens of thousands of YAG, diode, and fiber lasers are deployed in demanding manufacturing applications, from cutting steel, to drilling via holes in silicon, to marking plastic. A whole range of material processes now make use of lasers to produce results not previously practical.

Webinar: High Power laser measurement challenges and solutions

Join us to learn the basic principles, and best practices of high-power laser measurement

Controlling High-Power Laser Processes

Webinar produced by Photonics Media and presented by Mark Slutzki, Product Manager at Ophir Photonics on October 2021

Laser beams with powers of many tens of kilowatts are becoming increasingly common in today's industrial applications. However, as the powers increase, the stakes increase as well. In this webinar, Mark Slutzki of Ophir discuss how to monitor appropriate laser parameters to keep high-power processes stable and predictable

Laser Measurement Solutions for Materials Micro processing Applications

Webinar produced by Photonics Media and presented by Mark Slutzki, Product Manager at Ophir Photonics on June 2022