Reimaging Products for UV Lasers

Beam profiling of UV lasers are often times difficult on the equipment used for imaging the beam because of the wavelengths that these lasers operate at. These reimagers are offered as a way to overcome this problem. By converting the UV laser into a visible wavelength, the profiling of the laser becomes easier.

  • 4X UV Image Reducing Converter

    4X UV Image Reducing Converter
    The UV image converters are fluorescent plates that convert UV radiation that is poorly imaged by silicon cameras into visible light that is then imaged onto the CCD of the camera. These fluorescent plates are specially designed for UV conversion and have a high light output, wide linear dynamic range and high damage threshold. 4X UV Image Reducing Converter converts UV radiation to visible light and then images onto the CCD while reducing the beam size 4X.
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  • 1:1 UV Image Converter

    1-1 UV Converter with Beam Splitter
    The 1:1 UV image converter is a screw on telescope that convert 1:1 UV image to visible and images the beam onto the CCD without changing the size, fits 4.5mm recess and CS cameras.
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