LBS-300HP-NIR Attenuator
LBS-300HP-NIR Attenuator

LBS-300HP-NIR Attenuator

Beam Splitter for High Power Lasers NIR

The LBS-300HP-NIR is a patent pending technology beam splitter for High Power lasers that allows measuring NIR (~1064nm) focused or collimated laser beam profiles up to 5kW or 15MW/cm².
The LBS-300HP-NIR operates by reflecting a fraction of the incoming beam through the front surface of each of a pair of orthogonally oriented wedges. Less than 0.0001% (1/10 ⁶) of the beam is reflected towards the Ophir Beam Profiler Camera. This enables beam shape, focal spot, beam waist, M² of a highpower laser; up to 5kW or 15MW/cm².
Relative power can be measured by placing an Ophir power sensor after the first wedge, thereby measuring the laser beam after being reduced to 0.1% (1/10³).
99.9% of the laser beam passes through, ideal for absolute power measurement.
Each optical path through the LBS-300HP-NIR provides uniform attenuation of any beam shape (Gaussian, flat-top, doughnut, etc.) while preserving the polarization and overall profile of the incoming laser beam thus providing accurate sample of incident beam. A 1.035-40 thread is provided behind each wedge along the axis of the output beam. These can be used to directly mount accessories with 1” lens tubes such as beam dumps or power/energy sensors.


  • C-mount
  • ~1064 nm
  • 5kW , 15MW/cm2
  • 0.000025% - 0.0001% (1/10⁶)
  • UVFS
  • 15mm
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The LBS-300HP-NIR combination beam sampling and beam apsorption systems available with the following options.
  • LBS-300HP-NIR


    Compact laser beam sampling system; wavelength ~1064 nm

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The LBS-300HP-NIR beam splitter allows camera-based beam profiling for high power lasers.


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