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Scanning-Slit Beam Profiler, Ø9 mm, 5 µm Slit, 190 nm to 100 μm, USB 2.0, NanoScan Standard
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In Stock
Scanning-Slit Beam Profiler, Ø9 mm, 5 µm Slit, 190 nm to 100 μm, USB 2.0, NanoScan Pro
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In Stock


NanoScan Standard

NanoScan Standard is our full-function software with a extensive set of NIST traceable ISO beam width and roundness, beam position, and M2 measurements and a customizable under interface with the ease-of-use and flexibility that customers have come to expect.

NanoScan Professional

NanoScan Professional has all of the functionality that NanoScan Standard includes. NanoScan Professional supports all of our scanning slit profilers, but includes an automation interface written in ActiveX to push data to your custom applications.


  • Product Name
    NanoScan 2s Pyro/9/5
  • Sensor Type
    Pyroelectric Detector
  • Spectral Range
    190 to 100 µm
  • Slit Size
    5 µm
  • Aperture Size
    9 mm
  • Beam Size
    20 µm to 6 mm
  • Scanhead Size
    83 mm
  • Power Range
    5 mW to 100 W
  • Communication
    USB 2.0
  • Compatible Light Sources
    CW, Pulsed >25 kHz
  • CE Compliance
  • UKCA Compliance
  • China RoHS Compliance


NanoScan 2s Slit Profiler Demonstration

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