Advanced IR Zoom Lenses for Next Generation Thermal Imaging Applications

Abstract: We review recent advances in the development of infrared zoom lenses that meet challenging requirements for reduced Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) while enabling high resolution vision and identification in harsh environmental conditions and constrained platforms such as airborne and portable systems. The design considerations and performance of advanced folded-optics and lightweight zoom lenses optimized for next generation infrared thermal imaging systems and applications are described.
Presented at the International Conference on Optics & Electro Optics (ICOL), India, 2019.

White paper: Manufacturing Large Mirrors – The challenge

When it comes to long-range, multispectral optical systems, large mirrors play an integral role; there are tens of thousands of optical units containing large mirrors around the globe. With minimum diameters starting at 200 mm, the largest mirrors range from 8.2 m in diameter (single mirrors) to over 10 m (segmented). They take many shapes — spherical, aspheric, parabolic, or freeform — and are used for a wide spectrum of light, including visible, UV, and IR.