Telescopic Mirror


In many applications, the small diameter of the laser beam produced in the laser cavity is not convenient because the beam has high divergence and high power density. In order to avoid subsequent problems, the beam diameter can be increased by using a telescope consisting of two mirrors – one with a convex surface and the other with a concave surface. Such telescopic mirrors are usually made of copper.

*Ophir Optics meets ROSH directive according to China ROHS regulation and ROHS2 directive 2011/65/EU

CO2 Optics Catalog

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 Optic TypeOphir P/NDiameterEdge ThicknessS1AOI
 Open specCu Telescopic Mirror618121.97"50.030.393"102250CX>99.7%<5°
 Open specCu Telescopic Mirror618131.97"50.030.393"101000CX>99.7%<5°
 Open specCu Telescopic Mirror618141.97"50.030.393"101680CC>99.7%<5°
 Open specCu Telescopic Mirror618151.97"50.030.393"102000CX>99.7%<5°
 Open specCu Telescopic Mirror618161.97"50.030.393"103000CC>99.7%<5°
 Open specCu Telescopic Mirror618171.97"50.030.393"103250CC>99.7%<5°

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