Zero Phase Shift

 0ֲ° Phase Shift Mirror

In most laser machines, one or several mirrors are used to forward the laser beam from the cavity to the working head. Usually, each mirror deflects the laser beam at an angle of 90°, corresponding to an angle of incidence of 45°. At these mirrors, reflectance should be as high as possible in order to minimize loss of laser power. In addition, phase shift between the s- and p-polarized components of the reflected beam should be as low as possible in order to avoid disturbing the polarization of the laser beam. Mirrors with such properties are called zero-phase mirrors.

*Ophir Optics meets ROSH directive according to China ROHS regulation and ROHS2 directive 2011/65/EU

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Zero Phase Shift High Reflection Mirrors

Zero Phase Shift High Reflection Mirrors Ophir Optics new ZPS-HR high reflection coating, demonstrates our innovation and commitment to constantly enhancing our optics performance.

The best benefit of the ZPS-HR coating is lower absorption by 40% versus standard ZPS / TRZ coating. Maximum absorption of the ZPS-HR version coating is 0.3%, an improvement to the standard ZPS absorption level of 0.5%.



MMR-P coating can be used as cavity optics or ZPS (TRZ) and allows for the highest total random polarization reflection available. It can also be applied to a level-changing mirror in two-tiered resonator systems. Our MMR-P coating keeps the same capabilities of phase shift (tolerance of +/- 2 degree) and high reflection of visible light to enable clear observation of HeNe laser or diode laser beam reflection for alignment, location indication, etc. Reflection Spectrum of Typical Bending Mirror Coatings


Reflection Spectrum of Common Bending Mirror Coatings

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 Optic TypeOphir P/NWCDiameterEdge Thickness
 Open specSi Mirror-0° Phase Shift61047-117 1"25.40.118"3
 Open specSi Mirror-0° Phase Shift630065-117 1.5"38.10.157"4
 Open specSi Mirror-0° Phase Shift61061 1.75"44.450.2"5.08
 Open specSi Mirror-0° Phase Shift61062 1.75"44.450.374"9.52
 Open specSi Mirror-0° Phase Shift630714-117 2"50.80.2"5.08
 Open specSi Mirror-0° Phase Shift630069-117 2"50.80.374"9.52
 Open specSi Mirror-0° Phase Shift61811 2"50.80.4"10.16
 Open specSi Mirror-0° Phase Shift62239 2.67"67.810.8"20.32
 Open specSi Mirror-0° Phase Shift630390-117 3"76.20.25"6.35
 Open specSi Mirror-0° Phase Shift630788-117 3"76.20.374"9.52
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift61796 1.1"27.940.236"6
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift631243-117 1.5"38.10.314"8
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift61793 1.5"38.10.236"6
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift631304-117 1.5"38.10.236"6
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift630707-117 1.97"50.030.393"10
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift61792 1.97"50.030.984"25
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift61273 1.97"50.030.393"10
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift61443 1.97"50.030.374"9.52
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift61797 1.97"50.030.354"9.01
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift631362-117 1.97"50.030.2"5.08
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift630783-117 1.97"50.030.393"10
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift630631-117* WC2"50.82.125"54
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift631185-117 2"50.80.374"9.52
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift631323-117 2"50.80.2"5.08
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift631520-117* WC2.25"57.151.25"31.75
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift630189-117 2.25"57.150.393"10
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift61799 2.36"59.940.236"6
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift630708-117 2.36"59.940.393"10
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift61121 2.36"59.940.393"10
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift631039-117 2.362"59.990.59"15
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift631062-117 2.68"68.071.338"34
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift631062-115* WC2.68"68.071.338"34
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift631305-117 2.95"74.930.59"15
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift631100-117 3"76.20.5"12.7
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift631078-117 3"76.20.25"6.35
 Open specCu Mirror-0° Phase Shift631038-117 3"76.20.59"15
 Cu Mirror-0° Phase Shift631181-117* WC 80*60 20.00

* WC = Water Cooled  Print Version