Lens Design - Plano Convex Lenses

Plano-Convex Lenses

  • Plano-convex lens has one flat surface and one convex surface.
  • More suitable for high turnover cutting applications, and when the cost is more important than the level of accuracy.
  • When cutting steel and other thick materials, a Plano-convex lens provides a greater cut width, enabling the laser’s oxygen assist gas to aid the cutting process.



Plano-Convex Lens When cutting steel and other thick materials, a Plano-Convex lens provides a greater width of the cut enabling the laser's Oxygen assist to enter and ease the cutting process.
In addition, Plano-Convex lenses give a greater depth of field needed to maintain a taperless edge when cutting thicker materials. This kind of lens is more popular in American and Japanese machinery.

Video : Find out whether your CO2 laser lens is

Ophir demonstrates a simple way to identify a CO2 lens surface (concave, convex or plano-convex lens) using the len's surface as a mirror.