Instructions for Upgrading Ophir Instrument Device Firmware via the StarLab PC Application

  1. Make sure that you have the latest StarLab software version installed. The latest StarLab version can be downloaded from our Website: The latest StarLab version contains the required files for upgrading devices. After installing StarLab, the firmware upgrade files can be found in the following local directory on your PC: C:\Program Files\Ophir Optronics\StarLab 3.xx\firmware (xx denotes the specific StarLab version number)
  2. However, if an even newer firmware upgrade for the device is released before a new StarLab is made, that firmware upgrade file (*.BIN) will be made available for downloading from our website: If you do download a file for a newer firmware version than that contained in StarLab, it can be copied to the StarLab "firmware" folder under the StarLab installation folder: C:\Program Files\Ophir Optronics\StarLab 3.xx\firmware
  3. If the device has an external power supply, make sure that it's connected, and the device is powered before attempting to upgrade.
  4. Connect the Ophir device, either via USB cable, Bluetooth pairing, or RS232 cable, as appropriate for the device being upgraded. (If necessary, more details can be found in the StarLab manual.) (With the IPM device for example - Connect the serial RS232 cable supplied between the IPM sensor to a serial port on your PC. The same cable also supports upgrading the IPM-COM unit. If your PC doesn't have a serial port, use a USB-to-Serial adapter - not included.)
  5. Start the StarLab application, and via the 'Preferences' window, enable and configure the type of Communication suitable for the device being used. (If necessary, more details can be found in the StarLab manual.)

  6. Make sure the StarLab measurement channel for the device is closed.

  7. Open the Select Device(s) screen

  8. In the Select Device(s) screen press the 'Tools' icon on the top bar of the screen. This opens the 'Device Tools' screen.

  9. In the Device Tools screen, make sure your device appears and press the Upgrade button. This opens the Upgrade Device Software screen.

  10. In the Upgrade Device Software dialogue screen, click the Browse button to locate and select the latest bin firmware file for the device. Then click the Start button to begin the upgrade.

    The Status of the upgrade is displayed and the upgrade progress (erasing, programming, finished) is shown in the lower portion of the window.
    StarLab generates a warning message if the device is loaded with a more recent version of firmware.

  11. At the end of the firmware upgrade, the progress bar will show 100% and the status will show "finished". Press the "Done" button to complete the process.