Upgrading Instrument Firmware

To upgrade the firmware of your device do the following:

  1. To download the latest firmware versions, press here
  2. Verify the download is complete and copy the bin file for the new firmware version to your PC.
  3. Attach the device via USB to your PC
  4. Start the StarLab application. Make sure the StarLab measurement channel for the device is closed.

  5. Open the Select Devices screen
  6. In the Select Devices screen press ‘Diagnostics’. This opens the diagnostics screen.
  7. In the Diagnostic screen, press the Upgrade button. This opens the Upgrade Device Software screen.
  8. In the Upgrade Device Software screen, click the Browse button to locate and select the latest bin firmware file for the device. Then click the Start button to begin the upgrade.
  9. The status of the upgrade is displayed in the lower portion of the window. When the status is finished, press Done, and then restart your device.