Centauri Field Upgrade Instructions

Field Upgrade of the firmware is a very simple process

Centauri has the necessary infrastructure for performing field upgrade of the embedded software.

To update the Centauri firmware:

  • Download the latest Centauri firmware upgrade package Centauri_Ver_211 upgrade (300 MB)
  • The upgrade package is contained as a folder within a ZIP file. Extract from the ZIP file the folder (called 'centauri_upgrade') and copy this folder to main directory (the root) of a USB flash drive.
  • Note: The USB flash drive must be up to 32G and formatted as FAT32
  • Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port that is found on the upper panel of the meter (see Figure ‎1).
    Figure ‎1 Upper panel of Centauri Meter with USB input highlighted
  • Insert a pin in the pinhole (see Figure 2) to access the micro-switch.
    Figure ‎2 Right side of Centauri Meter with pinhole highlighted
  • Turn on the Centauri while simultaneously pressing through the pinhole for a few seconds.
  • The upgrade procedure starts, with a progress bar displayed on the screen.
  • When the procedure is completed, the Centauri restarts with the new firmware version.

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