BeamGage Multiple Processes and Internal TCP Communication

BeamGage is a multiple process application which requires local (not network or internet) port access to communicate. This allows for a great amount of flexibility when using multiple camera or multiple analyzer configurations. By default the port range in use is TCP 10100-11100. This can be reconfigured if these ports are already in use by another program or system.

BeamGage has three process types which will run. Spiricon.ConsoleService.exe is a Windows Service process that launches the connections to cameras. Spiricon.DataServer.exe is a process which acquires data from cameras. Spiricon.Version5.exe is the BeamGage application.

If BeamGage cannot communicate with the Console Service, when it is in fact running, this typically indicates that the TCP communication is being blocked by a firewall or another program is already using those ports. If TCP communication is being blocked, it will be necessary to create a local firewall exception for that port range in your firewall settings (for both Windows Firewall and your firewall program).

An easy way to check if BeamGage cannot communicate with the Console Service is to try to run BeamMaker. If you receive any errors, this is a good indication that the TCP communication is being blocked. Below is a picture of an error message that can be seen.