New Online Calibration Portal

Kristen Winterton, Calibration Technician, Ophir-Spiricon LLC


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Ophir-Spiricon is proud to announce the release of our new online Calibration Portal. This portal will allow you to track the status of open RMAs and maintain calibration information for all equipment. You may access our Calibration Portal at Please contact one of our Calibration Administrators to set up access to your account, and to receive your initial password.

Once you access the website, you will see two main sections on our Home page: Open Cal Orders and Equipment History. Open Cal Orders contains the information of the equipment for which an open RMA request exists. From the moment equipment is received until it is completed and shipped out of our facility, you can track the progress; the status is updated periodically throughout the day. Equipment History contains the history of your equipment, including the historical RMAs processed and the original sales orders. Each column can be sorted, increasing the ease of navigation through the available data.

New Online Calibration Portal

In addition to the fields monitored by our internal system, there are user-editable fields including Customer Serial Numbers, Asset Numbers, Locations, End Users, and contact Email Addresses. These fields make it possible to better track your assets and to maintain a record of location. As you make modifications to these fields, they are immediately written to your file and are available for your reference from that point on. As with the standard fields, these columns may be sorted.

One column that is particularly relevant contains the calibration date of the equipment. As the calibration due date draws near, you may wish to request an RMA online. A simple tool exists, allowing you to select the items you'd like to send for re-calibration, and select the "Existing Equipment Calibration." Selection of this option generates an RMA Request that is emailed directly to the Calibration Administrators, with a reference copy sent to you. From that request, the Calibration Administrators will issue an RMA#, create a pre quote, and send shipping instructions for your RMA, creating a seamless, hassle-free experience with an RMA Request.

We encourage you to contact our Calibration Administrators to set up your account so that you may experience these and other features of the Calibration Portal. We anticipate that this new service will provide an effective and easy interface, allowing you more visibility of your equipment, as well as real-time information about our services. If you have any questions about this new service, please contact us at, or call 435-753-3729.

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