BeamScan Replacement Chart

As the BeamScan products reach the end of their useful lifetime, we are often asked which NanoScan models most closely match an existing BeamScan model. There are far fewer configurations of NanoScan head than there were BeamScans, because some of the features that were hardwired into BeamScan models are software adjustable in the NanoScan.
For example, some BeamScans were wired to run at 5Hz, instead of 10Hz, and this feature was part of the model number. This is unnescessary in the NanoScan, because the scan rate is controllable from the operating software.
Another model that is no longer necessary is the LL, or low light version, since the increased dynamic range of the NanoScan handles low intensities without modification.
Below is a chart of the best fits for replacing your BeamScan. One thing to note: all standard NanoScan models are 63.5mm diameter scan heads, so there is no direct replacement of the 50mm XY models of BeamScan.

BeamScan Model NanoScan Model
XY NS-Si/3.5/1.8
XY-Prec NS-Si/3.5/1.0
XY/1.0/5Hz NS-Si/3.5/1.0
XYGE NS-Ge/3.5/1.8
XYGE-Prec NS-Ge/3.5/1.0
XYGE/1.0/5Hz NS-Ge/3.5/1.0
XYS NS-Si/9/5
XYFIR NS-Pyro/9/5
XYQSW NS-Pyro/9/5
/PWR200 /P200
/PWR-75 xxx /P200 (P75 discontinued)
Other BeamScan designations All NanoScans are USB
0180-XYxxx Old ISA Controller card
3088-1-XYxxx PCI Controller
3088-3-XYxxx PCMCIA Controller for laptop
2180-XYxxx DOS-Based computer controller
2197-XYxxx DOS-Based computer controller (replaced 2180)
BeamScan Meters No direct NanoScan replacement
1180-CP Standalone (non computer based) with single axis Si scan head (50mm diameter with 1.8um slits)
1180-GP Standalone controller with single axis Si scan head (63mm diameter with 5 and 25um slits)
1280-XY Standalone controller with dual axis Si scan head (50mm with 1.8um slits)
1280-XYL Standalone controller with dual axis Si scan head (63mm with 5um slits)
1280-XYFIR Standalone controller with dual axis pyroelectric scan head with 5um slits