Using ModeCheck to Compare CO2 Replacement Optics Beam Quality Between II-VI MP5 and Ophir Optics Black Magic Lens

Included are two screenshots from a recent test using the ModeCheck device from Ophir-Spiricon.
The screens below show a comparison of a II-VI MP5 lens and Ophir Optics Black Magic lens.


Using ModeCheck Using ModeCheck
Figure 1. II-VI defocused beam in a 5-inch MP5 lens. Figure 2. Black Magic lens defocused beam.
  • Rofin Sinar 2000W SM laser
  • Shot taken: 2000W 3 seconds
  • Beam was de-focused so that it would not burn out the ModeCheck device
  • The only change between the two screenshots was swapping the lens. The power level, length of time, position, and defocused position all remained the same.
  • The oval shot in Figure 1 is the II-VI shot drawn by the ModeCheck device.
  • What was interesting was the II-VI shot was moving back and forth from round to oval during the 3-second shot.
  • The Blue color shows a higher power level within the shot. As you can see, the Black has a higher level of “Blue” power density.
  • Notice the outside fringe of both shots and the mode profile drawn by the ModeCheck device.
  • This information is just a quick look at a small portion of data gathered/observed.
  • Ask for a free ModeCheck demo on your laser system.
  • For more information:
    ModeCheck: A new method to assure the performance of high power CO2 lasers. Data sheet.
    Black Magic Lens: Low absorption Znse lenses for high-power CO2 lasers. Data sheet.


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