Camera Near Field Profiler

Camera-Based Attachment for Beam Profiling of Lasers in the Near Field

Near field profiling can also be used with camera profilers to analyze small beams, and involves a microscope objective lens to image the beam onto a camera detector array. This technique expands the measurement range of the camera to include smaller beams, which could not be ordinarily measured due to the pixel size of the detector array. Near field profiling is performed in fiber and waveguide analysis, lens characterization, and other applications where beams 50µm or smaller are analyzed.


  • 190 - 1100nm
  • 10X, 20X, 40X, 60X
  • 50µm and smaller
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  • C-NFP Assy

    P/N SP90291

    Includes base plate for mounting camera and Microscope Objective, ATP-K variable attenuator 50mm C-Mount and an 8mm and 5mm spacer

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