ATP-K Continuously Variable Attenuator

ATP-K Variable Attenuator

Laser Beam Attenuation with Gray Glass Bulk Absorption Filtration

Attenuates your laser without ghost reflections or fringes. Knob-operated variable wedge attenuator of ND 1.7–4.6. Fixed grayglass attenuator with ND 2.8


  • 360nm - 2500nm+
  • 1 - 6 continuously variable
  • C-mount
  • 5W/cm² , 1J/cm² for ns pulses
  • ø20mm
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The ATP-K continuously variable neutral density filter set is available with the following option:
  • ATP-K


    Variable Attenuator Package provides smooth knob operated variable wedges with attenuation of optical density (ND) 1.7–4.6 for a total attenuation capability of ND 7.4. Specially designed to eliminate ghost reflections, fringes, and light leaks. Small compact module including C-mount adapter to attach to camera, and C-mount receptacle to easily attach additional HP-series attenuators.

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