LBS-100 Attenuator

LBS-100 Attenuator

Combination Neutral Density Filters and Single Beam Sampling Optic System, Lasers Up To ~400W

The LBS-100 system that is not as compact as the LBS-300s above but has
larger aperture, and has versions for longer wavelengths. The system contains
the mounting frame, 1 wedge beam splitter and several attenuators. The exit end
of the LBS-100 is standard C mount thread so all our cameras can be mounted
to the frame. The wedge angle is 6.5 degrees to insure that the reflection from
the rear side will not enter the camera. The optical elements are flat to 1/4 wave
in the visible to ensure no distortion of the beam.


  • C-mount
  • LBS-100: 400nm-700nm LBS-100-YAG: 1064nm, LBS-100-IR: 10.6um
  • LBS-100: 100W/cm² CW . . . 6 kJ/cm² (1ms pulse) . . LBS-100-YAG: 500W/cm² CW, 30 kJ/cm² (1ms Pulse) . LBS-100-IR: 1000W CW (105 J/cm²) for R = 0.5%, 100W CW (104 J/cm²) for R = 5%
  • LBS-100: Uncoated, LBS-100-YAG: 1% at 1064nm, LBS-100-IR: 0.5% or 5% at 10.6um
  • LBS-100: Quartz, LBS-100-YAG: Quartz, LBS-100-IR: ZnSe
  • 23mm
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The LBS-100 combination beam sampling and beam apsorption systems available with the following options.
  • LBS-100


    351nm to 700nm suggested wavelength range

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  • LBS-100 YAG


    1064nm suggested wavelength range, 20W to 500W

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  • LBS-100IR 0.5


    9µm to 11µm suggested wavelength range, 50W to 1kW(0.5%)

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  • LBS-100IR 5.0


    9µm to 11µm suggested wavelength range, 0.4W to 100W(5.0%)

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What should be my Safety concerns while using LBS-100?

Regular laser safety precautions should apply. Please note, that the main incident beam will exit the LBS-100, refracted approximately 6.5°. Provision must be made to safely contain the transmitted beam by beam dump or power meter.

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Can I use LBS-100 both for beam profiling and power measuring?

Yes, the main function of LBS-100 beam splitter is Beam profiling, however it allows simultaneous measurement of a beam transmitted thru wedge by power meter.

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  • LBS-100 to L11059 adapter


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