4X UV Image Reducing Converter
4X UV Image Reducing Converter

4X UV Image Reducing Converter

Combination UV Image Converter and 4x Beam Reducer for UV Lasers

The UV image converters are fluorescent plates that convert UV radiation that is poorly imaged by silicon cameras into visible light that is then imaged onto the CCD of the camera. These fluorescent plates are specially designed for UV conversion and have a high light output, wide linear dynamic range and high damage threshold.
4X UV Image Reducing Converter converts UV radiation to visible light and then images onto the CCD while reducing the beam size 4X.


  • 193 - 360nm
  • C-mount
  • 100W/cm2 or 2J/cm2 with beam splitter
  • Ø30mm
  • 4X reduction ±2% with included correction factor
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  • 4X reducing UV image converter


    Screw on imaging telescope that converts UV image to visible reduces the size 4X and images on CCD. For beam intensities from 1µJ/cm2 to 15mJ/cm2. Fits 4.5mm recess cameras only.

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Customers that purchase the above items also consider the following items:
  • Beam splitter for above


    45 degree wedged beam splitter to reduce intensities by ~20X. For beam intensities of up to 300mJ/cm2 at 193nm.