4X Beam Reducer

4X Beam Reducer

C-Mount Beam Reducer for Very Large Beams

The 4X Beam Reducer is an imaging system that images the plane 30cm in front of the reducer onto the camera CCD sensor while reducing the size 4 times and inverting it. The beam reducer uses the 3 screw on attenuators provided with the camera. Since the intensity of a beam after reduction will be increased by 4x4=16 times.


  • 360nm-1100nm
  • C-mount
  • 30mJ per pulse for nanosecond pulses
  • Ø50mm
  • 4X
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The 4X Beam Reducer is available with the following option:
  • 4X reimaging beam reducer


    Screw on beam reducer for beams in the wavelength region 360 - 1100nm that reimages the beam 30cm in front of the unit onto the CCD while reducing the beam size 4X. Entrance aperture is 50mm. Fits 4.5mm recess cameras only

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Customers that purchase the above items also consider the following items:
  • LBS-100 to 4X beam reducer adapter


    This adapter enables mounting of the LBS-100 beam splitter/attenuator assembly in front of the 4X beam reducer. The combined assembly can image large high power beams in one unit.

  • Beam splitter large wedge

    Beam splitter large wedge


    Wedge, UVFS, 44X32 mm, uncoated wedge housing mounts to 1/4” thread, 1/2” diameter laboratory rod (not included)