Beam Reducers

When imaging larger laser beams, fitting the beam on the imager becomes an issue. Array size of the Spiricon camera or the detector size of the NanoScan head being used is the limiting factor of how large the beam can be to properly analyze. Beam Expanders are the best way to decrease the size of the beam for the best measurement and analysis.

  • 4X Beam Reducer

    4X Beam Reducer
    The 4X Beam Reducer is an imaging system that images the plane 30cm in front of the reducer onto the camera CCD sensor while reducing the size 4 times and inverting it. The beam reducer uses the 3 screw on attenuators provided with the camera. Since the intensity of a beam after reduction will be increased by 4x4=16 times.
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  • 4X UV Image Reducing Converter

    4X UV Image Reducing Converter
    The UV image converters are fluorescent plates that convert UV radiation that is poorly imaged by silicon cameras into visible light that is then imaged onto the CCD of the camera. These fluorescent plates are specially designed for UV conversion and have a high light output, wide linear dynamic range and high damage threshold. 4X UV Image Reducing Converter converts UV radiation to visible light and then images onto the CCD while reducing the beam size 4X.
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