Laser Beam Profilers

The trusted leader in laser beam profiling and M2 measurements, Ophir provides a complete range of solutions for beam characterization for any wavelength, at any power and for any beam diameter.
Ophir works with our customers to enhance capabilities and productivity in the Additive Manufacturing, Semiconductor, Industrial, Research, Life and Health sciences, and Defense markets by using Ophir’s product for beam shaping and beam alignment at different position along the optical path of their sources.

  • Ophir's 2020 Catalog Is Here!

    Find all your laser power measurement and beam profiling tools in one place.

  • BeamWatch® AM

    Winner of the Laser Focus World
    Innovators Platinum Award
    Integrated Beam profiling system
    for Additive Manufacturing Systems

  • See Your Beam As Never Before

    With BeamGage®, the camera-based beam profiling system consists of a camera and analysis software

  • NanoScan 2S

    Measure laser beam width precisely with
    little or no attenuation

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    Principles & Applications in Photonics Technologies

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    See how MKS is a leading innovator in the markets we serve with a commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility.

Beam Profiling

Beam Profiler Finder

Ophir's beam profiler finder allows you to easily find the beam profiler that best suits your application

M Squared - Beam Propagation Analysis

Offering a number of solutions for the M² measurement, ranging from simple manual processes to fully automated dedicated instruments.

High Power Solutions

Ophir Spiricon Beam analysis of high-powered industrial lasers products that have proven to be solutions for laser users who operate and maintain these high-powered lasers.


Our accessories are complementary products to our beam profiling imaging devices in order to achieve proper beam sizes and power levels so that you can achieve the most accurate measurements possible.