Integrated Solutions

Ophir has an unparalleled collection of cameras, beam splitters/attenuators, beam expanders, beam reducers, UV to visible light converters, and other components that allow you to profile almost any beam desired. You can profile powers up to thousands of watts using our beam attenuators. You can profile a very wide range of wavelengths from far UV to far IR. You can profile a focal spot of a converging beam or a diverging be am.

We recommend using Beam Profiler Finder to find the optimized configuration that best meets your specific needs: or consult Ophir representative.

Ophir provides adapters that allow you to easily attach and align these devices to each other as shown below.

Surface Contamination

P/N LBS-100 LBS-300s LBS-400 Stackable beam splitters
SPZ17027 + SPZ17025 SPZ17015 + SPZ17025 SPZ17015 + SPZ17026
SPZ17022 4X beam expander   SP90567 + SPG01698   Direct connection    
SPZ17022 + SPZ17019 4X beam expander
UV converter
  Direct connection     Direct connection  
SPZ08257 6X beam expander   SP90567 + 4ea. SPG02067     SP90567 + 2ea. SPG02067  
SPZ08259 12X beam expander   SP90567 + 3ea. SPG02067     SP90567  
SPZ08260 22X beam expander   SP90567     SP90567  
SPZ17017 4X beam reducer SPZ17029 SP90569 SP90570     P90569
SPZ17024 4X beam reducer UV converter   SP90569 SP90570     SP90569
SPZ17023 1X UV converter   Direct connection       Direct connection
SP90618 SP504S SP98001   SP98000      
SP90553 WB-I     SP90572      
SP90405/415 Pyrocam IIIHR   Supplied with Pyrocam SP90510     Supplied with Pyrocam
SP90404/414 Pyrocam IV   SP90573 SP90510     SP90573
PH00457/459/460/462/ 464/465/467/468/470 Nanoscan Direct connection Direct connection     Direct connection  
  All C-Mount thread cameras Direct connection Direct connection SP90352   Direct connection