Optical Coatings

The most advanced optical coatings, developed by world-leading experts

With over 40 years of experience, Ophir is recognized as a world leader in the development, production and application of advanced optical coatings. Our highly abrasion-resistant, anti-reflective (AR) coatings include several types of HC coatings which provide maximum durability, energy transmission & minimal reflection.

  • PVD thermal evaporation (resistance heating and electron-gun coating)
  • PECVD (plasma-enhanced chemical-vapor deposition)
  • IAD (ion gun)

Innovative technologies for coating success:

  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) – Thermal heating and electron gun
  • Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD) – Ion gun
  • Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) for DLC coatings
  • Short radius surfaces coatings

Meeting coating requirements for every component:

  • Anti-reflective(AR), Mirrors and Filters
  • Multispectral coatings
  • High efficacy and high durability coatings
  • DLC (HC) coatings and Low Reflectance HC (LRHC)
  • Laser coatings for 1.064µ and 10.6µ
  • EUV coatings
  • Wide coatings catalog

Unbeatable coating performance, guaranteed:

  • Broadband AR: Ref<0.5% to 0.2% / Tra >98% to 99%
  • Broadband mirror: Ref>98% to 99%
  • Windscreen Wiper Test TS1888 / P 5.4.3 – DLC coatings

Coatings manufacturing – capabilities matrix

SubstrateDescriptionλ(um)Avg. RTavgCoating code
GeHard Carbon AR for MWIR3-593%1010
GeHigh durability for MWIR 3.4-50.5%981187
GeHigh Efficiancy AR for MWIR3.4-50.5%981232
GeLow reflection Hard Carbon AR for MWIR3.4-50.8961314
GeLow reflection Hard Carbon AR for LWIR8-121.2921290
GeHigh Efficiancy AR for LWIR8-12<0.3%>98%1001
GeHigh durability AR for LWIR8-12<0.5%>96%1006
GeHard Carbon AR for LWIR8-12>88%1007
SiHard Carbon AR for SWIR1.54901037
SiHard Carbon AR for SWIR3-5931039
SiHigh durability AR for MWIR3.4-50.5981178
SiLow reflection Hard Carbon AR for MWIR 3.4-50.9951221
SiHigh Efficiancy AR for MWIR3.4-50.598.51233
SiHigh Efficiancy AR for MWIR3.4-50.3981509
ZnS Cleartran & ZnSeHigh Efficinacy AR for SWIR0.7-1.7197.51501
ZnS CleartranHigh definition AR for MWIR3.4-51971171
ZnSeAR for MWIR3.4-50.5981193
ZnS CleartranHight efficancy AR for MWIR3.4-50.3981020
ZnS CleartranHigh efficiancy AR for LWIR8-120.595.51029
ZnSeAR for LWIR7.7-11.20.5971017
ZnSeHigh durability for LWIR7.7-11.20.3981019
ZnSeLow refelction hard carbon for LWIR8-11.5881190
CaF2High efficiancy AR for SWIR0.7-1.7195.51502
CaF2High efficiancy AR for MWIR3.4-50.5981080
IG5High efficiancy AR for LWIR8-121496
IG6High durability AR for MWIR3.4-50.6981455
IG6Low reflection Hard Carbon for MWIR3-51456
IG4 & IG6High efficiancy AR for MWIR3-51467
IG6High efficiancy AR for MWIr3-51499
IG4 & IG6High efficiancy AR for LWIR 8-120.5961366
IG6Low reflection Hard Carbon for LWIR8-120.8911370
IG6High durability for LWIR8-120.6941405

Coatings manufacturing: capabilities matrix – dualband

MultibandDescriptionλ(um)Avg. RTavgCoating code
ZnSeHEAR ON ZNSE FOR MWIR and YAG3.6-4.9um 1064nm 0.5 0.5 98 97.5 1021
ZnS.CHEAR ON ZNSE FOR MWIR and YAG3.6-4.9um 1064nm 0.5 0.5 98 97.5 1034
ZnS.CHE AR ON ZNS CLEARTRAN FOR MWIR + VIS3.5-um 570-750nm 0.5 0.5 96 96 1033
ZnS.C or ZnSeH.E ON ZnS & ZnSe FOR MWIR+YAG+NIR3.6-4.9um 1064nm 790-830nm 0.8 0.8 0.8 98 98 98 1186
ZnS.CHE for MWIR, YAGand VIS on ZnS3.6-4.9um 1064nm 600-750nm 1.5 0.5 2.5 96 98 94 1244
ZnS.CHE MWIR, YAG & SWIR on ZnS3.6-4.2um 1.57um 1064nm 0.8 0.8 0.8 97 97 97 1319
ZnS.C or ZnSeHE AR LWIR, MWIR and YAG8-11.5um 3.4-5um 1064nm 1 2 3.5 93 93 93 1323
ZnS.C or ZnSeHE AR on for SWIR and YAG1.54-1.6um 1064nm 0.3 0.3 99 99 1440

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