MWIR f/5.5 VGA LR Product Family

Zoom Lenses for Extended Observation Ranges

High Performance, Ruggedized, IR Zoom Lenses With Disruptive Cost-Performance

Extended ranges combined with high performance
The new 30-385mm, 50-700mm and 80-1200mm f/5.5 lenses enable longer detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) ranges with a compelling combination of performance, reliability and cost, specially designed for anti-drone applications and ideal for long range observation and surveillance systems with vehicle detection range capabilities exceeding 26km.

Ruggedized optical design
The two lenses are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. They are ruggedized with Ophir’s standard, world-renowned coatings, IP 67 sealing, mechanical design to withstand severe shock and vibration. Both are designed for ease of mechanical integration and include Ophir’s standard software for optimal integration, calibration and field operation.

Superior zoom controller features
These lenses are equipped with Ophir’s state-of-the-art zoom controller features:

  • Continuous zoom with focus retention
  • Automatic focus compensation throughout temperature and zoom ranges
  • Close objects focus mode
  • Focus blurring for NUC calculation
  • Full manual / automatic control of zoom and focus positions

Full functionality communication protocol
The communication protocol controls full functionality of lens and full status report of lens, including motor positions, FOV, temperature, built in test status and working hours. Both the controller and communication protocols are fully compatible with all Ophir zoom lenses.

Optimal integration and calibration
For optimal integration and calibration, the lenses are operated with Ophir’s standard OphirSim™ software which includes:

  • Lens operation testing and evaluation
  • Protocol simulation
  • Lens customer calibration
  • Autofocus calibration

Products Characteristics

  • Optimized for MWIR VGA 640x512 f/5.5 15µm detectors
  • Narrow FOV of 0.5° with optical zoom
  • Ruggedized design to withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Focus and F# maintained through the full zoom range
  • Superb performance-to-cost ratio
  • Designed for long range observation systems
  • Easy integration with existing systems based on common controller and protocol communication for all our zoom family

DRI performance
(Detection, Recognition & Identification)

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